2 Oxo PCE

2’-Oxo-PCE is a synthetic drug that comes from the arylcyclohexylamine class. This particular synthetic drug is more commonly known as Eticyclidone or O-PCE for short. It does not have a long history of use by people so it can be hard to determine some factors of the drug such as lethality, toxicity, and others.

However, there are some known side effects of this drug. It is mostly a hallucinating-effect drug that gives the user vivid hallucinations during its effect. O-PCE has burst onto the scene lately as a designer drug seeking to replace one of its predecessors MXE.

If you didn’t know, a designer drug seeks to mimic the effects that illegal substances cause. By using legal methods, these designer drugs make it out into the market for purchase and consumption.

Remember that there is not much information on the appropriate amount of use for this drug. Keep this in mind when using as you don’t use too much and put your life at risk.

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3 years ago
Bad effects
2’-Oxo-PCE should have undergone several examinations before getting this product to market as it has bad effects to a person taking it. Physical effects were reported after taking this medicine such fever, UTI, hallucinations, nausea, dizziness, etc. Be careful when using this medicine.
3 years ago
I had a weird experience taking this substance. I checked myself every minute but I continously feeling uncomfortable due to headache. Consult your doctor before taking any kind of medicines or substance.
Tried: First time
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