3,4-CTMP is another designer stimulant drug that circulates through online vendors and the dark web alike. While not too much is known about this particular substance as far as toxicity goes, there is plenty of room for concern for those who seek to look to consume it.

As it is a stimulant, some of its effects include enhanced focus, heightened thinking skills, and other such side effects. However, one must remember that this drug is not meant to be taken in high doses or for an extended period of time. If you choose to consume it, do so with low doses and on rare occasions.

Some of the negative side effects include accelerated heart rate, loss of appetite, increase and decrease in blood pressure, and dehydration. While it is effective in sharpening one’s focus, it’s always important to weigh the positive with the negative. Use caution if considering to use this drug as it can be dangerous to your heart.

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3 years ago
Blood Pressure
Not advisable to use for a long duration. A friend of mine has a history of blood pressure, tried this and he almost had a heart attack.
Leila Dreyfus
3 years ago
Stimulation Drug
As I want to stimulate my mind at work, I tried to use 3,4-CTMP. It was quite impressive at first but after a few hours, I felt my heart beating fast and got a headache. I've read some reviews that this is not a good drug as this can cause cardiotoxicity.
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