6-APB is a psychoactive entactogen compound of the benzofuran, amphetamine, and phenethylamine chemical classes. Structurally, it is similar to MDMA and is reported to produce stimulating and lengthy psychedelic effects that include anxiety relief, sociability, muscle relaxation, euphoria, enhanced feelings of affection, and empathy.

APB (full name Aminopropyl Benzofuran) is classified as a synthetic research chemical or “legal high”. The drug was briefly studied in the early 1990s as a potential treatment of psychotherapy, particularly due to its non-neurotoxic classification; however it only gained popularity about a decade later in the club scene in the UK, where it was marketed as “Benzofury” before sales were officially banned.

Only a few studies exist on the toxicity and metabolic effect of 7-APB. In general, the drug has been associated with other synthetic compounds in the entactogen group such as MDMA and 5-MAPB. Because of its potency, repeated recreational use may increase the chance of addiction and dependence.

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3 years ago
Drug Stimulator
Stimulation at its best!
Tried: 5 or more
Setting: Private
3 years ago
Drug addiction
No wonder it gained popularity as it can be addicting!
Tried: First time

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