It goes by many names – Dmitri, Fantasia, Businessman’s Trip, Businessman’s Special, and 45-Minute Psychosis. These are all DMT’s street names, but what is DMT really, anyway? DMT is actually a a white crystalline powder that is found in certain plants in Mexico, South America, and parts of Asia. Hailed as the ‘most powerful psychidelic drug’, DMT is sometimes playfully referred to as ‘entheogen’, which basically translates to ‘god generated within’.

Depending on the user, the experience of taking the drug can be overwhelmingly exciting, or extremely frightening. The “trip” can be so powerful that users may have a difficult time incorporating the experience into their real life after the moment has passed. The mental side effects associated with the drug can linger for days or even weeks after ingestion.

With such latent power, it is then not surprising that DMT is one of the most sought-after drugs in the market. Still, its side effects are just as powerful, so always carefully weigh out your options.

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1 year ago
Good for party Goers!
Great for party goers like me!
Tried: 5 or more
Setting: Party
2 years ago
Happy Drug
Ive tried using this and made me so happy!
Tried: 5 or more
Setting: Private

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