DXM commonly known as Dextromethorphan is an over the counter drug meant to treat coughs. DXM can also be identified by the initials DM’ or robo’. The drug has a rich history as it has its roots traced from a mother compound known as racemorphan. When taken in amounts exceeding the normal dosage, DXM turns into a strong dissociative drug with psychedelic properties. It is therefore recommended that you conduct extensive consultations before using this drug. This is a drug that is not commonly used by patients as doctors hardly prescribe it. But it can be acquired over the counter from pharmacies.

Although Dextromethorphan can be used in a safe way, it is by chance not a safe drug. This is because its continuous use in a short period of time or combining it with other types of drugs can be harmful to the body system.

The drug can be found in different forms which include syrups, lozenges and gelcaps. Well, this drug can be effective in the treatment of coughs, but you have to be aware that it is also dangerous.

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Alex Reid
3 years ago
Allergic reaction
I didn't know that Vicks is considered DXM. Maybe this is the reason why I'm getting allergies.
Tried: 5 or more
Setting: Public
3 years ago
This is good to treat coughs but it can also release allergic reaction to people taking it. Make sure you have doctor's prescription.
Tried: 2-4 times
Setting: Public

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