Laughing Gas

Laughing gas is the common name for Nitrous Oxide which is a colorless, sweet-tasting gas that causes people to laugh. It is used as a sedative and analgesic to reduce pain during surgical procedures. It has also been used as a food additive and in enhancing engine performances. It has been in recreational use since the 18th century.

Laughing gas causes a feeling of being high as it dissociates the mind from the body. It gives a feeling of floatation, euphoria and excitation that lasts a short while. Nitrous Oxide is taken by inhalation from balloons that contain it.

Health effects associated with its use include damage to lungs due to inhaling cold gas from pressurized canisters. The safe levels of drug use are unknown but it is best to take it with moderation.

Side effects that one can experience from the use of this drug include fainting and low blood pressure. These are serious and need medical attention. Minor effects that do not need any medical attention include uncontrolled laughter, blurred vision, confusion and sweating.

Read user posted reviews on laughing gas. What kind of effect does it produce? What are the dangers? Does it produce side effects? Is it addictive? What happens when used in combination witih other drugs?

Such questions will be answered in the Laughing Gas user reviews here on Designer Report.

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3 years ago
Ozone Layer
According to studies, Nitrous oxide has been a big factor why ozone layer is depleting nowadays. Its substance has become very harmful to ozone layer.
Rodney George Washington
4 years ago
Too much exposure to laughing gas or N20 can cause B12 deficiency. It may take some time before a person recovers and it is incomplete.
Justin Smith
4 years ago
Sedative Drug
It is safe sedation method used by most dentists to relax the patients. But this is not applicable for pregnant, COPD and B12 deficient people.

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