LSD is a drug made of a fungus, called ergot, which grows on wheat, and rye. This drug first established Switzerland by two chemists Albert Hofmann, and Arthur Stoll. One of the authors unknowingly swallowed some of the drugs they had created, and they then found the effects of LSD.

The side effects were hallucinatory, and it quickly became a drug used for the pleasure of its hallucinogenic effects. When individual take LSD, many people end up seeing hallucinations of colors, light patterns, and may also feel that they get new insights into who they are as a person.

In some cases hallucinations can make scary, but many users find them pleasurable One of the effects of LSD is that it can have you to have flashbacks of your previous hallucinations, which can be very scary. It can cause depression and may even lead people to commit suicide as well.

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Sandra N. Batey
3 years ago
I had the chance to use this with friends. I had a terrible headache and experienced hallucinations.
Tried: First time

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