Known to be an ergoloid, LSZ is touted to be more potent but takes slightly longer to “hit” than its predecessor LSD. While LSD takes effect in about 30 minutes, LSZ effects start to become noticeable in about 90 minutes. It also is reported to last a few hours shorter than LSD.

LSZ began appearing in designer drug markets around 2012, hence there’s very little research into its broader impact. It can be deduced that it shares very much the same usage, effect and harm reduction profile as its more famous analog.

Using LSZ produces its hallucinogenic effects for about 10 hours. However, it also has several side effects including restlessness, chills, high anxiety, delusions, insomnia and at times a troubling sense of paranoia which may last up to 24 hours. There’s practically no information on overdosing on LSZ but take extra caution as unpleasant side effects would certainly increase with increased dosage.

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Kyle H. Tseng
3 years ago
Online Retailer
You can buy this from online retailer but make sure to check if it is a legit one.
Tried: 5 or more
Setting: Private
3 years ago
Addicting Drug
Never doubted the good effect of this drug to me. I want more of this.

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