Methylone is a psychoactive drug marketed under the commercial names ‘Explosion’ and ‘Inpact’. Chemically, it is categorised as a euphoric empathogen. It is often sold in powdered form in the guise of domestic chemicals. Methylone is found as a specific compound in such formulated mixtures.

Methylone was originally synthesized to function as an anti depressant. Gradually the psychotropic drug began to be marketed for recreation. It induces pleasant sensations, mental reverie and a state of intoxication.

The common method of consumption of methylone is through insufflation and oral means. It is also consumed in injectable and rectal forms.

Methylone can be legally manufactured in countries like the UK, Canada, Netherlands, Sweden and New Zealand. Laws in certain states of USA enlist the synthetic drug under the medical bill.

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Carlos Gray
3 years ago
Relaxation Drug
It is great to stimulate mind and body. My relaxation drug.

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