Paddos is a synthetic drug also known as the mushroom drug. The mushroom that is used to make this drug comes from the psilocybin family and in other parts of the world is nicknamed the Magic Mushroom drug.

This is a hallucinogenic drug and if mixed with the synthetic material LSD, it impacts visual effects and atmosphere experiences. At times it is used as a stimulant by enthusiasts but in the hands of experts, it can be used to gain psychological and spiritual insights.

Like all other synthetic drugs, Paddos also has its own side effects. In some cases, it increases the risks associated with psychosis which makes a disease last longer, and it also lasts longer in the body system, therefore, a user would need a few hours before they can use any machinery.

Paddos has no particular recommended dosage and because of this so many smart shops have avoided selling some drugs from particular species such as the “Hawaiian” to inexperienced users as well as the Dutch government banning its use altogether.

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3 years ago
Stay away
This paddos can drive you crazy! Stay away from taking this!
3 years ago
Found out that this drug can cause you death. Many of them reported due to use of this mushroom. For your safety, DO NOT TAKE THIS!

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