Phencyclidine commonly referred to as PCP is a highly dissociative drug. It can be very destructive and deadly. It’s other street names include Angel Dust, Hog, Wack among many others.Initially, this drug served as an aesthetic, but it had side effects of hallucinations, hence discontinued for medical purposes. Since then Ketamine, which is structurally like PCP was developed as an anesthetic for medical use.

In its chemical structure, PCP is a white powder that instantly dissolves in water and alcohol and tastes bitter. In the black market, it is contaminated with other chemicals which makes its color range from light to dark. Its behavioral effects vary depending on the amount of drug taken.A minimal use of the drug causes the user to feel detached from their environment. It also affects the nervous system leading to hallucinations and a loss of memory.

Even if it is used alone or together with other drugs PCP is highly addictive. Continued use of PCP is synonymous with violence and suicidal behaviors among the addicts. Among other users, its effects include respiratory problems and even blood pressure. This drug is so powerful such that those who might have attempted them once or twice may suffer from slurred speech or hallucinations many years after. In case you suspect a friend or a relative is abusing PCP it is important you consult a medical professional to guide you.

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3 years ago
Bad Effects
Abstinence of using PCP may lead to depression, anxiety and irritability. Good thing that a friend of mine advised me not to try it!

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