Transitioning From Abroad: Getting a Jump-Start on the Transition Process While Living Overseas


A military to civilian transition has many challenges. From adjusting to the civilian workplace to selecting a new career path to interviewing for and landing your next position, there are a lot of tasks to complete on your way to a new career. One thing that can add an extra layer of challenge is living abroad during or before your transition. Though it is adds additional challenges, living abroad does mean you have unique experiences that are attractive to potential employers. With that in mind, let’s examine how exactly to jump-start your transition process while living abroad.

Friends and Family

One of the better ways to have a jump-start on a lifetime career transition from abroad would be to contact friends and family back here in the States. Why do that? Put simply, it’s a great way to begin the networking work you will have to maintain throughout your transition. Friends and family can be a great resource for gathering information regarding potential companies to work for, what the culture is similar to at various employers, sufficient reason for whom you need to make contact in general.

Another “family and friends” resource to include on your set of individuals to whom you should reach out as you begin your transition are other former service members. Commanding jump start services near me , fellow officers, fellow enlisted soldiers – pretty much anyone who knows you well and could provide assistance when developing your network has valuable information to share. What’s more, you might be surprised how willing family and friends will be to help with your transition.

Talent Acquisition Companies

Talent acquisition companies, additionally called “headhunters” are firms that help companies with their staffing needs. These firms focus on finding the right person for a particular vacancy, and they’re designed to work with the career-changer. Talent acquisition companies are paid by the firms who would hire you – they’re not paid by you personally – so that they are a great option for most transitioning veterans. Specifically, a veteran with 15-20+ years of service is usually a good fit for a talent acquisition company.

Which kind of career can you find utilizing a talent acquisition company? Since headhunting firms are usually large organizations based around the globe, they hire for careers and positions that are also based all over the world, not necessarily just in america. If you’re thinking about international service once you escape the military, they might be the best way to find a position you might not otherwise discover.


Veterans who have been living abroad and so are now entering the transition phase out of your military will experience a supplementary layer of challenge. While this can’t be avoided, veterans abroad can turn to family and friends to greatly help develop their network – an area they may need to burnish having lived abroad – and maximize the abilities and experiences they will have acquired abroad to find their next fulfilling career. Talent acquisition companies are often a good way to locate a career and a position that fits the abilities developed by veterans who’ve lived abroad for time frame, in particular if you want to remain abroad.

Ultimately though, no matter whether you plan to stay abroad or return home, you may get an excellent jump-start on the transition process by building your network of contacts and also by considering utilizing a company that may effectively translate your unique experiences into a rewarding career.

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